Pictures: Dawson had the face of an angel and the heart of a lion

Dawson Willcock
Dawson Willcock

The family of Dawson Willcock said goodbye to the ‘little man’ who has moved a whole community at a tear-tinged service to celebrate his life at Mansfield Crematorium.

Hundreds of mourners family and friends, each wearing a green ribbon lined the driveway to the crematorium as the cortege arrived.

The two-year-old’s tiny coffin, decorated in a Postman Pat theme was carried in a white carriage drawn by two white horses with head dresses of three green feathers.

Three limousines carried Dawson’s mum Wendy, dad David and family.

Following were two red Royal Mail vans and a bright green Lamborghini sports car.

The reading was made by celebrant Drew Baxter who had been invited to support the family.

He said: “Dawson spent two years two months and four days in this world but there are lots of ways to measure a life other than numbers

“Dawson’s gift was the gift of love and hope personified.

“He was the brightest spark of life .”

He said Dawson had the “face of an angel and the heart of a lion”

Funeral of Dawson Willcock

Funeral of Dawson Willcock

During the service, people were invited to knock in unison for Dawson as the theme tune to Postman Pat, the TV show he loved was played.

Mr Baxter described how the family had been overwhelmed by the love shown to their son by people who had rallied around them who he described as ‘Dawson’s Army’.

Videos of Dawson and a slideshow of photographs were shown and there was applause for the lad who captivated the hearts of many people around the world as he battled his illness.

At the end of the ceremony white doves were released into the clear twilight sky.