Pick-me-up? Mansfield man launches cheap mobile coffee business

Frankie with his Coffee Cube Company vehicle.
Frankie with his Coffee Cube Company vehicle.

A Mansfield man is preparing to give his best shot as he launches his new mobile coffee business.

Nigel Frankish, from Edwinstowe, launched The Coffee Cube Company, a coffee shop on run entirely from Nissan Cube vans

Nigel says the vans will stop across Mansfield and serve the “funkiest coffee in town”.

He has set up the business to “make coffee drinking enjoyable again”.

Nigel said: “You go into the shops and you pay an extortionate price.

“We want to give people the same quality you get in the shops but at an affordable price.”

The Coffee Cube Company, which is the sister company of Nigel and his partner, Charlotte Cameron’s other business, Frankie’s Kitchen, has been a long time coming.

Nigel added: “I was a chef for 8 years before becoming a firefighter full time for the last 10 years but always helped out in friend’s restaurants and kitchens on the side.”

The idea for starting the new business came after a frustrating family day trip to an emergency services show, when Nigel went to get a cup of coffee.

“It was so expensive and it really annoyed me,” he added.

So the couple decided to kit out their four vans to make the business accessible and cheap.

“What makes our coffee different from others is that we have a unique blend in the coffee and we don’t charge through the roof for it.”

Nigel and Charlotte have big plans ahead for their company, wanting to secure wedding events and the like, which could also create more job opportunities in the area.

With it’s eyecatching colourful vans, and friendly hospitality, the “Coffee-machine on wheels” could be just the pick-up Mansfield has bean looking for.

For more information and bookings, visit the Coffee Cube Company website at www.thecoffeecubecompany.co.uk