Pharmacy plan for Mansfield General Hospital site is a ‘joke’

General Hospital site, Mansfield.
General Hospital site, Mansfield.

FED-UP residents living around the former Mansfield General Hospital say potential plans to build a chemist on the derelict eyesore is just another delaying tactic by the site owner.

It was revealed by Chad last week that owner and Nottinghamshire businessman Mumtaz Adam has submitted a planning application to build a chemist on the ground floor of the West Hill Drive site.

Campaigners, who have fought a long-running battle with Mr Adam over the building’s future, say the planning application is a ‘stalling ploy’ and he has no intention of building a chemist .

Tracey Roberts, of West Hill Drive, has lived in the shadow of the crumbling building for nearly 30 years and says there is no need to build a chemist on the site.

“It is a joke, it is just another delaying tactic, there is more than adequate shop space in Mansfield town centre for a chemist if there was a need for one - which there isn’t,” she said.

“I just don’t think it is plausible that planning permission could be granted - who would want to pick up their prescriptions from a derelict building which is so out of the way.”

Olivia Morton, of West Hill Avenue, added: “Mr Adam is just up to his old tricks again, he does not have any intention of building a chemist, he just wants the planning application so he can sit on the land for another three years.

“I am still confident that a compulsory purchase order will be made of the site by Mansfield District Council in the near future.”

Chad made several attempts to speak to Mr Adam before going to press but have been unable contact him.

In his planning statement for the chemist, Mr Adam wrote: “This pharmacy will provide all NHS advance services without the necessity of seeing a doctor, free emergency contraception and free consultation.

“This pharmacy will be sustainable in nature and achieve a high quality of design and planning for sustainable economic growth.”