Pets at Home Mansfield to hold free workshops during half-term holidays

Pets at Home Mansfield is holding free workshops for children throughout the half-term holidays designed to inform them about the importance of supporting garden birds.

The workshops, running from Monday to Friday, will explain the different needs of a variety of wild birds, how their diet should change with the seasons and which species most need our help and at what times. Every child that attends a workshop will receive a free gift and can also take part in a colour competition.

Store Manager Andrew Thompson said: “Our workshops are designed to help increase awareness of how to look after our feathered friends all year round.

“It’s important to understand the best foods to feed different types of wild birds. Encouraging wild birds to feed on seed mixes and fat balls rather than bread, which offers little nutritional value, will mean that, when children do feed the birds, they are giving them the best source of nutrition possible.”

Pets at Home has a wide range of food suitable for all types of birds; peanuts and seeds for birds such as the house sparrow, green finch and chaffinch; sunflower seeds and seed mixes for other birds like the blue tit and gold finch as well as other high energy foods including suet pellets and fat balls to attract a wide variety of garden birds.