Petrol storage warning from fire chiefs and Trading Standards

Motorists are being told that they could be putting lives at risk by storing large amounts of fuel at their properties.

And fuel retailers are being reminded of their responsibilities to stop the irresponsible sale of fuel to motorists in the first place.

Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue are issuing the joint warning to retailers and consumers following reports that some motorists have been seen filling multiple containers of fuel at forecourts across the county.

Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for licensing petrol retailers in the county and is warning retailers that they will breach their petroleum license conditions by selling petrol irresponsibly.

The County Council is writing to all 150 licensed petrol sites and businesses in the county reminding them of their responsibilities to adhere to petrol licensing conditions.

Members of the public buying petrol in containers should be limited to a maximum of 30 litres in two appropriate 10 litre metal containers and two appropriate five litre plastic containers.

Trading Standards Officers will work alongside Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and Nottinghamshire Police to deal with any reports of members of the public storing large amounts of petrol in a domestic property.

Coun Mick Murphy, Cabinet Member for Community Safety at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Panic buying petrol is unnecessary and selling excessive amounts to people to store is irresponsible and illegal.

“We are writing to all licensed filling stations in the county to remind them that, under the terms of their license, petrol retailers have a clear duty of care to their customers and the wider public that they adhere to their petrol license conditions. They should not allow customers to exceed limits for petrol sold in containers and that the containers themselves are appropriate and safe.”

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue is advising anyone thinking of storing petrol at their property that they should adhere to the following legal requirements:

Do not fill a container more than the capacity printed on the label

Do not store petrol inside a domestic premises.

Only store petrol in a place that that is not part of or attached to a building used as a dwelling.

Petrol must be stored in approved plastic or metal containers of the sort that can typically be purchased from filling stations.

You can store up to a maximum of 30 litres of petrol in two appropriate ten litre metal containers and two appropriate five litre plastic containers.

Group Manager Ian Taylor of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Fire Protection Team said, “We understand the difficulties a petrol shortage may cause but petrol is a dangerous substance which can dramatically increase risks to householders and firefighters. We would recommend that people keep any storage of petroleum to a minimum and within legal requirements.

“Petrol can only be stored in a garage and never inside the house. You should also take care not to overfill a petrol container beyond the capacity printed on the label.”