Petition launched to change market day

A lifelong Hucknall resident has set up an online petition to move Hucknall’s Friday market to a more popular Saturday slot.

Rhonda Morrison, of Carlingford Road, moved to act after walking past the market last Friday and looking on ‘in dismay’ at the few remaining stalls.

“The market is clearly dying on a Friday and I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth the council hasn’t simply changed Market Day to a Saturday?” said Rhonda.

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“The market is part of Hucknall’s heritage and most people will remember the Friday Market was once a thriving, bustling focus of our town,” added Rhonda. “It was full of people looking for a bargain, something to wear for the weekend and – importantly – to meet up and socialise.

“Since the closure of the pits our town has changed: we no longer have the welfare and our community spirit, along with our Friday Market, is now dying a slow and painful death.”

Rhonda believes that with £12million being invested in the town on the new inner relief road and pedestrianisation of part of High Street, now is the time to act and revive the market.

“What better time to try to revive our town?” suggests Rhonda. “And why not ask for free parking on the same day?”

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Rhonda is even suggesting a scheme to encourage new traders to set up shop on the market and to tackle unemployment in the younger generation.

“There must be plenty of young entrepreneurs that would love the chance to make a small living without the high costs of renting a whole shop.”

Ken Robinson, chairman of Hucknall Tourism and Regeneration Group, said the idea was good in principle, adding: “It seems a reasonable idea if it will help improve the market.

“But the Friday market follows the Thursday night bargain market and it could therefore increase costs.

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“ More thought has to be put int this as market traders are already elsewhere on Saturdays.”

A council spokesman agreed: “The council would initially need to examine the legal position.

“Car Parking charges across the district are set to actively promote town centre usage by workers, visitors and local residents by ensuring they are accessible and affordable whilst needing to cover the costs of their provision.”

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