Pet is caught in illegal snare in Mansfield

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THE RSPCA is appealing for information after a pet cat returned home with a snare round its neck in Mansfield.

The cat was found at around 7.30am on 22nd January in the North Park area of the town.

Fortunately, the lucky moggy managed to pull the snare from the ground and its owners were able to remove it safely. It was not injured.

RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis is investigating the incident and said: “This was a rather unusual snare with quite a lot of elaborate work to it, we do not know where it had been put in the ground.

“The snare is obviously quite new as it’s clean and shiny. I suspect that it has only been used once.”

The snare had the capacity to lock, making it illegal.

Trapped animals can often endure a slow, painful death, or die later from their injuries if they manage to break free.

Anyone with information should phone 0300 123 8018.