Young Amelia reunited with Annabelle doll after toy store’s generosity

A young girl’s weekend has taken a turn for the better after the generous actions of a toy store manager.

Amelia Cooke, aged four, was shopping with her mum Amy Buttery in Smyths Toy Store at Portland Retail Park, Mansfield when she accidently lost her precious Baby Annabelle toy.

Amelia Cook, 4, with her new Annabelle toy.

Amelia Cook, 4, with her new Annabelle toy.

The toddler was “visibly distraught” when mum Amy could not find doll after their visit on Sunday, February 17, with Amy looking everywhere for it and even calling up the store to see if they had it.

However after the call with manager Wayne Leatherland, Amy and Amelia went back to the store to have another look, with Wayne making the promise to “make sure the young girl does not leave empty handed if we can’t find it”.

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After having another look, the store manager could not find the toy but gave Amelia a brand new Annabelle doll with extra dresses.

Amy said Amelia took time to get used to the new doll but is “over the moon” to have her favourite toy back.

She said: “Amelia was distraught when we couldn’t find it because she takes it everywhere she goes.

“We left it in store and went over to the Burger King, and when we got home she was so upset that it wasn’t there.

“I rang the store up and the manager Wayne went off and had a look for it but couldn’t find it.

“He said he’ll replace it free of charge if it doesn’t show up and when we went back he gave her a brand new toy with extra dresses.

“At first she wanted the old one because of sentimental value, but when we let her play with it she visibly cheered up.

“I really could not believe his act of kindness.”

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Store manager Wayne said he “could not let the Amelia be upset over losing the toy and wanted to make her smile”.

He said: “We got the phone call to say that the young girl lost her Annabelle doll and we tried to do what we could to make sure she was reunited with it.

“I called them up and I heard she was upset and could not find it so I said that if we can’t find it I’ll replace it free of charge.

“I couldn’t let the girl be upset and I wanted to make sure she didn’t leave empty handed.

“At the end of the day it’s just one toy for the sake of a child’s happiness.”