Where you can still buy fuel in Ashfield - your guide to the petrol stations

Only a handful of petrol stations across Ashfield still have fuel, while others are desperately waiting for their next delivery.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 12:27 pm
The kind of signs that are greeting drivers at petrol pumps across Ashfield.

As the fuel crisis raged on today (Thursday), the Chad contacted service stations around the district to find out how they were coping.

After days of long queues and panic-buying, many garage forecourts remain closed as the pumps are drained within hours of being re-stocked.

But others report regular deliveries and a good supply, although drivers still seem to be filling up as quickly as possible for fear they will run out of fuel for the coming weekend.

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Queues of cars snake round the road leading to this Tesco petrol station. (PHOTO BY: Adrian Dennis/Getty Images)

Here’s our rundown of the garages we contacted:

TESCO KIRKBY ESSO EXPRESS, Low Moor Road, Sutton – Shift manager Jenny Richardson said: “At the minute, we have nothing. We had a delivery of fuel yesterday, but it all went last night. Normally, we would have two or three deliveries per week, and each of those would last three or four days. We should get notification this afternoon about our next delivery tomorrow or on Saturday morning. It is a nightmare. Yesterday, the store manager was marshalling the queues because there was a long tailback down Low Moor Road. However, most drivers only had to wait a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.”

CO-OP FOOD AND PETROL, Huthwaite Road, Sutton – “We are empty at the minute,” said the station manager. “The last of our fuel went yesterday. We have had long queues. We don’t know when our next delivery will be.”

ASDA PETROL STATION, Priestsic Road, Sutton – No response.

SHELL PETROL STATION, Derby Road, Kirkby – Owner Sub Suresh Kumar said: “We had to wait five days, but we had a delivery of fuel this morning. We have 4,000 litres of unleaded petrol left, and plenty of diesel. We are trying to manage it, but I don’t know how long the petrol will last because it’s getting busier and busier and the queues are getting longer. We are clearing it as quickly as possible, but I don’t know when our next delivery will be. The diesel should last for the rest of the day, but we have a £30-per-person limit.”

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Health and care workers given priority in Ashfield as fuel crisis rages on

BP ROYAL GARAGE, Sutton Road, Huthwaite – Boss Sivapalan Krishanand, known as Kris, reported that all his fuel had gone, but he was hoping for a delivery tonight. However, it will be saved for key NHS staff, including health and social care workers as part of an agreement struck with Your Home Care, a pioneering home-care provider based in Mansfield Woodhouse. Kris said: “My wife is a GP, and I know how important these workers are. Our last delivery went in less than a day, but we still have some fuel at my other garage in Forest Town.” He said the whole national fuel crisis was “not good for business at all, and should have been sorted out a long time ago”. He added: “It’s utter chaos.”

MORRISONS PETROL STATION, Sutton Road – A company spokeswoman said: “There is no problem at this store at all. It has a good supply of fuel, and there have been deliveries on a regular basis. Another delivery is expected later today. There are queues, but marshals are directing traffic, and the average waiting-time for drivers is about ten minutes.”

BP GARAGE, Mansfield Road, Skegby – The station manager reported: “It’s still the same here. We have no fuel, and I don’t know when we will have some. We ran out of diesel last Friday, and we ran out of petrol on Monday. We only get notified of our next delivery 24 hours before it arrives.”

GREEN SERVICE STATION (GULF), Nottingham Road, Selston – No reply.

LONGDALE SERVICE STATION (ESSO), Kighill Lane, Ravenshead – Manager Mano Shant told the Chad: “We have had nothing at all since Tuesday. Our next delivery should be on Friday night, or maybe Saturday. We should know exactly when by Friday afternoon.”

ESSAR EASTFIELD SERVICE STATION, Eastfield Side, Sutton – Manager Leo Willmott is taking a well-deserved day off, but a staff member said: “We have both petrol and diesel after a delivery yesterday. But I don’t know how long it will last. The queues are bad.”

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