When you can see a unique flypast in the skies above Warsop

A unique flypast is set to be in the skies above Warsop, and this is when you can see them.

The military flypast will roar over the skies Warsop on its way to Sheffield to mark 75 years since the Mi Amigo plane crash tragedy.

A Dakota is expected to be there.

A Dakota is expected to be there.

All 10 crew on board the badly damaged B-17 Flying Fortress, known as Mi Amigo, were killed when it plummeted from the skies and crashed into Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, in 1944.

The Mi Amigo a United States Air Force aircraft was returning from an intended bombing raid over Europe in which it was left badly damaged after being attacked by the Luftwaffe.

The flypast is dependent on weather conditions and mission requirements, but the United States Air Force ad Royal Air Force is anticipating using a unique variety of aircraft from bases at RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Coningsby.

It is believed these aircraft will include an F-15 fighter jet, plus Ospreys, Typhoons and a Dakota.

The  Mi Amigo crew.

The Mi Amigo crew.

Before heading to Sheffield the aircraft are scheduled to rendezvous above Market Warsop at about 8,30 am on Friday, February 22, and hold for about 10 minutes before departure to South Yorkshire.