What crimes have been happening where you live in Mansfield?

Here are the crimes reported over the past seven days, from noon on June 11, to noon on June 18.

Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 10:45 am
What crimes have been happening where you live in Mansfield?

Berry Hill TheftOn June 14 between 2am and 8am, a pushbike was stolen from the rear garden of an address on The Roddery.BroomhillTheftBetween June 7 and 9, a pushbike was stolen from the rear garden on Surrey Drive.Theft from motor vehicle Between June 15 and 16, a car was broken into on Arundel Drive. The offender had smashed the driver’s window and stole some sunglasses.A car was broken into during the early hours of June 16 on Newport Crescent.

Cumberland Theft from motor vehicle A vehicle was broken into on Brown Street between 6.30pm on June 10, and 9am on June 11. A tool box, loose change and other items were stolen.A vehicle was broken into overnight between 14 and 15 June on Penrith Place, and various items were stolen.

Eakring TheftBetween 10pm on June 15, and 6.30pm on June 16, offenders gained access to the rear garden at an address on Jersey Gardens and stolen garden furniture.Overnight between June 16 and 17 a shed was broken into at an address on Jersey Gardens. Police are unsure at this time if anything has been stolen.Theft from motor vehicle Between 5pm on June 10 and 10.30am on June 11, a vehicle was broken into on Little Carter Lane. A lawnmower and other items were stolen from within.

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What crimes have been happening where you live in Mansfield?

Grange Farm Burglary other A number of pushbikes were stolen from an address on Millersdale Avenue between 11pm on June 14, and 9am on June 15. These were stolen from a shed in the rear garden and entry was made by forcing the locks open.

LadybrookBurglary dwellingBetween 6pm on June 10 and 10am on June 12, a house was broken into on Jenford Street. This was an empty property, and entry was gained by breaking the rear door.An attempted break in happened on Layton Avenue. This was an empty property. This happened between 3.30pm on June 14, and 8am on June 15. Offenders tried to force the rear patio doors open and smashed the glass in the process. No entry to the property was gained.Theft from motor vehicle The driver’s window of a car was smashed on Padley Hill. This happened between 10.45pm on June 15, and 11am on June 16. A few items were stolen from within.

LindhurstBurglary dwellingBetween 1030pm on June 10, and 7am on June 11, glass was removed from a window of a property on Shireoaks Court. Entry was made and items were stolen from within.

PortlandBurglary other than dwellingA shed was broken into on High Oakham Road, and three bikes were stolen. This was reported on June 14, but the offence could have happened anytime during the two weeks prior to this date.

PrioryTheft from motor vehicle A van was broken into on Mansfield Road, Mansfield Woodhouse. Large tools were stolen from within and was reported to have happened between 9.30pm to 10pm on June 12.

Ravensdale Attempted robbery Male reported an attempt robbery on Newgate Lane on June 13, late evening. Reports say that four males approached him and said “I am taking all your stuff” until the male phoned the police and the offenders ran away empty handed. No descriptions provided.

Theft from motor vehicle On the morning on June 14, a car was broken into. Offender has smashed a window and stolen a handbag and medication.

Robin Hood Theft other Lead was stolen from a roof of a property on Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse. This was reported on June 12, but no time frame could be given to pinpoint when the crime occurred. Burglary dwellingOn June 16 between 3.30pm and 4.30pm, a property was broken into on Oak Tree Crescent , Mansfield Woodhouse. Offenders have gained entry through the kitchen window. X-Box and other items were stolen. No descriptions of the offenders.

Warsop/Birklands/Church Warsop Burglary dwellingOn June 16 a vehicle was stolen outside an address on Hewitt Street, Warsop Vale. On June 17 police received reports that a vehicle was stolen from an address on Meden Glen, Church Warsop. This has happened sometime overnight on June 16 and morning of June 17.