What crimes have been happening where you live in Mansfield?

Here are the latest crimes reported in Mansfield district between noon on Wednesday May 1, to noon on May 7.

Berry Hill:

Burglary Dwelling:

Friday May 3, a report of a burglary happened on Green Lane Mansfield.

Theft From Motor Vehicle:

Overnight on May 1, from 9.30pm to May 2 at 7.30am, a silver Corsa was broken into and items stolen from within. Entry was gained by smashing the side wing mirror window.


Theft from motor vehicle:

Thursday May 2, items were stolen from a vehicle parked on Chesterfield Street. No damage was caused to the vehicle.

Vehicle was broken into on Blyth Close overnight between 4pm on Thursday May 2, and 11.00am on May 3. Motor scooter was also stolen from this location at the same time.

Theft of Motor Vehicle:

Honda motor bike in yellow, was stolen from George Street at 1pm on Sunday May 5.


Theft Other

Friday May 3, a princess pink child’s bike was stolen from an address on Maltby Road Mansfield. A male was also seen at a nearby property stealing a pushbike.


Theft of Motor Vehicle

Tuesday May 7, at 5.15am, a car was broken into on St Johns Place in Mansfield and items stolen from within. The driver door window was smashed to gain entry.
Reports on May 5 a car registration plate has gone missing on Ladybrook Lane Mansfield. No times given.
On Wednesday May 1, a car stereo was stolen from a vehicle on Stockwell Gate Mansfield overnight. Entry had been gained by popping the lock of the passenger side door.


Theft Other

Here are the latest crimes reported in Mansfield

Here are the latest crimes reported in Mansfield

Tuesday May 7 at 4.07 am, a pushbike was stolen from a rear garden on Finningley Road Mansfield.

Pleasley Hill:

Theft Other:

Between midnight and 9am on Tuesday Tuesday May 7, a vehicle registration plate number was stolen from a car on Shaftsbury Avenue Mansfield.


Theft from Motor Vehicle:

At 2am on Thursday May 2, a car was broken into whilst parked on Alexandra Avenue Mansfield. No further details.


Burglary other than Dwelling:

A commercial building was broken into on Thursday May 2, at 9.27pm on Hallam way, Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate. Damaged caused and items stolen.

Robin Hood:

Theft Of Motor Vehicle:

VW Golf was stolen from Park Avenue just after midnight on Tuesday May 7.


Theft from Motor Vehicle:

A vehicle was broken into on Balmoral Drive whilst it was parked on an open driveway. This happened between 10.45pm on Wednesday May 1, and 5.15am on Thursday May 2. Purse and cards were stolen from a bag that was left in the boot of the vehicle.

BMW was broken into on Jennison Street at 2.15am on Tuesday May 7. Lorry keys that were left in the car were also taken, along with other items.

Town Centre:

Theft Other:
Purse that was containing cash and cards was stolen whilst shopping on the St Peters Retail Park on Monday May 1.

Mobile phone was stolen from a nightclub on Clumber Street; this happened between midnight and 12.30am on Sunday May 5.

Warsop Birklands and Church Warsop:

Theft from motor vehicle:

Between the hours of 5pm on Wednesday May 1, and 12pm on Tuesday May 3, a vehicle was damaged on Lime Crescent, whilst making attempts to steal the Vauxhall Astra.

On Tuesday May 2 at 11.30pm, a van was parked on the street on Lime Crescent. Two males were disturbed attempting to break into the vehicle.