Watch 13ft python shed its skin at White Post Farm

A video has captured the moment a 13ft Python which lives at White Post Farm shed her skin.

Willow, a Burmese python who is around 15-years-old, has lived at the farm in Farnsfield for the last 14 years.

Willow the snake.

Willow the snake.

And every couple of months she sheds her skin.

Antony Moore from the family visitor attraction said: "It usually takes about ten minutes for a good shed, it took Willow about 15 minutes.

"It all came off in one go.

"It is a way of keeping themselves fresh, when they grow they grow out of their skins.

"Our spiders do the same thing.

"When they are shedding they tend to be grumpy.

"Don't help them shed - the worse thing that can happen is that you take off all of their skin."

He also said that to help their snakes, which are mostly rescued, shed they raise the humidity and spray the snakes with water.

He said: "It helps them peel more carefully."