Warsop vows to crack down on 'shocking' drug problem

Warsop vows to crack down on 'shocking' drug problem
Warsop vows to crack down on 'shocking' drug problem

Landlords, councillors, police and residents attended a meeting in Warsop to discuss how to tackle the parish's 'shocking' drugs problem.

The first meeting of the Warsop Anti-Drug Campaign was held yesterday (September 12), to discuss what can be done to tackle drug use in pubs, parks and homes in the area.

The meeting heard stories of people taking drugs openly in pubs, young parents smoking cannabis while pushing prams, and gangs meeting openly to take drugs.

Chaired by Parish Councillor Wayne Williamson-Cooper, attendees spoke out about how to tackle drugs use in Warsop.

Geraldine Barker, landlady of the Hare and Hounds pub on Church Street said: "I've been in Warsop for 12 months, I have had lots of pubs before and round here is by far the worst place.

"I've had pubs in Oldham and Rochdale - rough places.

"I collected 25 drugs bags from the toilets on my first weekend here.

"You can't educate some, it's just a way of life.

"It's not just young people - the bulk of those in my pub are over 50 and I'd say that 70 percent are [taking drugs].

"It wrecks lives and my customers know I'm dead against it.

"I go to the shop around 8am and I see people on the school run pushing prams smoking it.

"In Oldham, bar staff would wear body cams for a month or so if they had a problem, and it worked as a deterrent."

One resident added: "There are gangs spliffing up every single night on Carr Lane, and we ask them to smoke away from the houses because the smell comes inside.

"There's peer pressure to take drugs to be part of the gang, you see people taking ketamine or MDMA every weekend and it's a social thing.

"Social Media is used to co-ordinate deals, and it moves faster than we'll ever move.

"I've known people die because of drugs and it's not going to happen in Warsop if I can help it."

Councillor Williamson-Cooper added that crack seemed to be the drug of choice in the area.

PSCOs Richard Cook and Dee Eyre from Warsop's beat team also attended the meeting, adding they had little power to stop and search people they suspect to have drugs on them.

PCSO Cook said: "We know who's dealing, young kids go all around the villages dealing. We have to jump through hoops to execute warrants.

PCSO Eyre added: "We may not be able to win the war but we can put people off in Warsop - if we keep at it we can have a positive effect.

"It terrifies me that someone's going to die from taking drugs."

It was agreed at the meeting to contact Mansfield District Council's licensing department to ask for a meeting to discuss the issues in pubs in the area.

Training courses for landlords were also discussed.