Visitors flock to White Post Farm to see piglets and lambs

It began as a local farm that opened up to visitors, but has since evolved into one of Nottinghamshire’s most popular tourist attractions.

Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 10:20 am
Super fans, Maisie-Grace Thitherley, 6 and her Nan Alison Marriott who are on their fourth visit of the week.

White Post Farm in Farnsfield covers about 25 acres of land, with more than 3,000 animals, including cows, goats and pigs, llamas, wallabies and reptiles.

Now celebrating its 31st year, White Post Farm was also recently awarded the innovation award at the 2019 national farm attraction network awards.

The farm also boast a 4.5 out of five rating on Trip Advisor, one of the highest in Nottinghamshire.

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Hattie Phillips, 3, and her 8 year old sister Molly, give Arthur the working billy goat a treat.

One reviewer said: “This farm always brings more surprises and experiences that people will love. Families with children will enjoy it all. So much to see and take part in. It’s so good with lovely people who are happy to make you feel included.”

Another said: “The park is very well laid out with so much to see and do. A great mixture of farm activities and play areas. We were at the park for six hours and filled that time so easily. The animals looks very well kept and very happy. There’s also lots of opportunities to be interactive with the farm animals with feeding times and holding times.”

But what keeps visitors coming back year after year?

Anthony Moore, marketing manager, says the farm’s success is all down to its ‘brilliant’ staff.

Dylan Walker, 9 and his brother Bentley, 5, get into the spirit of the Witches and Wizards day.

He said: “It’s all down to the team. We made a decision to attract staff who want to improve the farm, have great customer service skills and are all singing and all dancing.”

And you can see why visitors love the staff so much – it is half-term when Your Chad pays a visit – and the staff are four days into a witchcraft and wizardry week, all dressed in capes and pointed hats, and the children clearly love the interaction.

Not only do the staff run themed weeks throughout the year – from magic and unicorns to a Peppa Pig week – they host more unusual activities, such as goat yoga.

The farm, which welcomes up to 150,000 visitors a year, not only has a plethora of friendly animals to keep youngsters entertained, and also boasts a beach, an indoor slide and soon will add a falconry centre to its impressive list of activities.

Mangalica piglets enjoy an afternoon nap with mum.

Alica Faulkner, a regular visitor to the farm, said: “I keep coming back because of how friendly the staff are , and all the new and different things they have on. There’s always something new to see.”

School visits are a regular sight on the farm, providing a hands-on lesson you cannot get in the classroom.

Anthony said: “Our school guides teach school groups about growth, life cycles, habitats, and caring for animals, in a way you can only experience up close.”

The farm’s active social media strategy works well.

One of the Jersey Cows says hello

Laura Walker brought her sons Bently, aged five, and nine-year-old Dylan, from Sheffield for a day out after seeing the farm advertised on Facebook.

She said: “It’s been a great day, the boys have really enjoyed it.”

Bently said: “I liked holding the guinea pigs and seeing all the animals.”

Attractions this summer include a litter of mangalica piglets, born on Tuesday, May 28, as well as valais sheep and Jersey cows.

Not forgetting the Greatest Show coming to the farm on Friday August 2-4, and a special visit from Peppa Pig on Monday, August 27.

We asked White Post Farm staff what they love about being on the farm

Nigel Cutts

Nigel, who has been a school guide at the farm for 11 years, said the best part of his job is meeting the youngsters on school trips, and teaching them about the animals.

He said: “They stop and listen – we stop at every animal and I give them a lesson about each one.”

Nigel’s favourite animals are the goats.

Cathy Mallett

Cathy works across many different areas of the farm – she works on the yard, the entrance gate, in the office and even co-ordinates health and safety.

Cathy said the best part of working on the farm is the variety.

She said: “There’s something different happening every day, like we’ve had sheep raving today, which is unusual.

“I think the farm’s success is down to it being such a familiar place – parents who have grown up with the farm bring their children, and there’s always something new and exciting.”

Cathy’s favourite animal is Esmeralda, a newborn Jersey calf.

Michael Allott

Michael has worked on the farm for 18 years, and is one of the longest serving members of staff.

He has worked in most areas of the farm, and said working outdoors is his favourite part of the job.

He said: “I like being outdoors, and interacting with the public. I think we create a good atmosphere here.”

Michael’s favourite animals is the pigs.

Josh Atherton

Josh started working at White Post as a student on work experience, and ended up staying on as a yard hand.

He said working at the farm is his “dream job”. He said: “I love everything about working here, I’ve never had a bad day.

“It’s where I’ve always wanted to work.”

Josh’s favourite animals on the farm are the Jersey cows.


Maisie-Grace Titherley, aged six, is a White Post superfan, having visited four times in as many days with her nan, Alison Marriott, and grandad Marvin Marriott.

Alison, from Lowdham, said: “She just loves holding the animals, especially the goats and meerkats.

“She gets to see the animals being fed as well.”

Masie-Grace said: “I met Chip, the mascot and I love him.

“The guinea pigs are really cheeky.”