UPDATE: Mansfield couple to be reimbursed for wedding ruined by Tour of Britain

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A bride-to-be has had to find a new wedding venue, after her day was thrown into chaos when it was announced that the Tour of Britain would be be passing her venue.

Amy Edwards, 33, was due to be married on September 8 at Mansfield Registration Office at County House.

Amy has since had to find another venue, after it was announced that the Tour of Britain cycling event would pass through Mansfield on that day, and her and her guests would struggle to travel to the venue.

Amy said: “The last email I received from Mansfield council was the last straw in making my decision with what to do with regards to my ceremony. To me it seems very patronising. they are expecting us to enjoy the day with cyclists in the background. Some people might but I do not.”

Amy was sent an email from Mansfield District Council that said: “There will be TV cameras and thousands of spectators along Chesterfield Road South, so you might even get your wedding party on TV.”

Amy said: “I do not want my wedding party on tv. I have nothing against it but I don’t want people to remember my day by a cycling event.”

The bride to be was told about the route before it was officially released, but was told to keep quiet about it, or risk of jepoardising the tour.

In the email, Amy was also told that her party would not be able to exit the building safely until 4.30pm, even though her ceremony was due to take place at 1.45, and her meal was booked for 4.30.

Although Amy has booked another venue and says she can laugh about the situation now, she added: “We are taking this further and seeking compensation”

Rob Fisher at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “We are sorry to hear that Amy and James have decided to change their wedding venue. We know that this is the biggest day of their lives. Our registration service team help more than 2,600 couples across the county get married each year at many different venues. The registration office at Mansfield is currently the most popular in the county.

“We contacted the couple on the day (12 April) we were advised our Mansfield Registration Office was going to be affected in this way and have worked closely with the family and Mansfield District Council ever since that date to do everything in our power to ensure the wedding could still go according to plan. This has included email correspondence as well as a face-to-face meeting with the couple.

He added: “We wish this couple every happiness for the future. As a goodwill gesture we have refunded Amy and James in full, as normally deposits are non-refundable.

“We also wish the three couples who are also due to get married at Mansfield Registration Office on Saturday 8 September, a fantastic day, as we have similarly made sure we are doing everything we can to ensure that their big day runs as smoothly as possible, including putting on additional staff on the day.”