The Works opens to visitors in Sutton's Idlewells

The Works staff at the opening.
The Works staff at the opening.

Sutton resident have welcomed the opening of a new shop in Sutton's Idlewells Shopping Centre.

The Works, which sells books, art and craft materials, gifts, toys, games and stationery has opened in the former Ryman shop.

And, Sutton shoppers have said they are happy to have a shop which sells new books in the town.

Jack Tomlinson, writing on the shopping centre's Facebook page said: "Great to finally have a book shop in Sutton."

Patricia Hodgson Bullimore said: "That's great I love the works, three new books for a fiver."

Laura Joan Evans said: "I'm so happy to have a bookshop in Sutton."

Jade Fisher said: "So glad there's a book shop in Sutton and its 'works'."

Laura McCallum said she was happy to see the shop, but, hopes the store will stay open - even with its digital competitors.

She said: "I've been saying since I worked in Ryman that Sutton needs a book shop. I just hope it lasts especially with all the e-books that's around. Great to see Sutton finally has a book shop."

Nic Elgey urged people to used the library, he said: "There is already a book shop in Sutton and it's free it's called the library."