'Tearful customers' say goodbye to Sutton shop as it closes its doors after 18 years

Woottons in Sutton is closing down due to Sue ans Andy Wootton retiring.
Woottons in Sutton is closing down due to Sue ans Andy Wootton retiring.

Tears have been shed by shoppers as they wished farewell to the owners of a longstanding Sutton shop.

Woottons on Outram Street has been a stalwart of the high street for the last 18 years.

Andy outside the shop.

Andy outside the shop.

Now it is set to close its doors as its owners Sue and Andy Wootton retire.

Sue, aged 58 and Andy, aged 57, have spent almost two decades spending six or seven days at the shop, which sells a range of items, including hardware and plants.

Sue said they decided to retire as the shop's lease is up.

She said: "The lease is up at the end of the month, we don't really want to sign up for another five to ten years.

Sue with some of the half price products.

Sue with some of the half price products.

"You get a feeling for when the time is right. And, our two boys have their own careers."

She also said that since the announcement that the shop will close they have been "jam packed" with customers for their final half price sale.

She also said that loyal customers have even shed tears during the final days.

She said: "We didn't leave till 10pm one night the shop looked like it was ransacked.

Andy Wootton.

Andy Wootton.

"We have had loads of cards, wine and chocolate from customers.

"One or two have broke down in tears. They have been saying how much they will miss us and asking us where they will get there goods from now.

"You get to know them, they tell you about their lives.

"Over the years we have met a lot of nice people.

"You know them from small and now they are bringing their children in."

Sue and Andy started off their careers in Victoria Market, Nottingham in 1984, followed by a chain of florists and a wholesale unit, which they supplied a range of supermarkets, garden centres and chain stores.

They were then asked by the people who ran a shop where Woottons is now, if they would run it for a week or two, and, never left.

The pair from Arnold are now looking forward to spending their golden years doing the things they "haven't had time for" in their more than 40 year working life.

Sue said: "We have three granddaughters who are going to take our time up, they are four, seven and 11.

"They have already booked themselves in.

"We have never had much time off at all. We love our plants we plan to go down to the Eden Project and Kew Gardens.

"We have been never been able to see them, we are just looking forward to getting a bit of me time."

The rented shop will be emptied over the month.