Sutton ghost hunter starts 'Netflix-like show'

Haunted Live.
Haunted Live.

A Sutton dad and ghost hunter has appeared in a "Netflix-like show" as he investigates the paranormal.

Paul Stevenson, aged 50, started HauntedLIVE with four other men from Nottinghamshire, Simon Powell, 40, James Pykett, 30, Andy Soar, 45 and Jason Wall, 46.



After filming their ghost hunts live on Facebook for a couple of years they have now taken a step into an online streaming service which he has compared to Netflix.

The group now have episodes available on VidiSpace which is owned and created by US paranormal TV stars, Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint.

Paul said: "You know you're in the right place when your station bosses are Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint"

"We are still going live Facebook and holding public events as we love ghost hunting.

"But this has opened up so many doors for us, for people in the US to view what we do, to see that we are just mates who enjoy ghost hunting is amazing. In the future there will be the opportunity to bring brand new ideas to VidiSpace, maybe even working alongside Nick and Elizabeth. Watch this space, or should that be watch this VidiSpace. We will be seen all over the world now on a network dedicated to the paranormal."

There's no host, no presenter, no team leader on the episodes and all five men take turns filming.

Paul added: "It basically just is five mates ghost hunting, who trust each other, enjoy having fun, having a laugh and seeing if there's anything paranormal out there, the more we investigate, the less sceptical we have become, because whilst there's things that could be easily explained, there are times when things happen that blow your mind and you cannot explain."

You can view Vidispace here