Shirebrook author pens seventh children's book for charity

Mr Locke with one of his books
Mr Locke with one of his books

An author from Shirebrook has penned his seventh children's book - and is donating some of his royalties to charity.

Peter Locke, aged 75, has delved deep into his imagination to create his series about Mikkee the martian - a series of fun filled books for five to 10 year olds.

The retired TV cameraman said: "I thought I'd write something supernatural, it's the easiest thing in the world to use your imagination.

"The stories are all about a martian called Mikkee who can time-travel and shape-shift.

"Mikkee whisks his friends, eight-year-old twins Billy and Jilly to exotic characters, where they meet an eclectic cast of characters.

"I've taken fairy stories and and made characters out of those.

"I wanted to encourage children to use their imagination with good old fashioned stories."

Mr Locke has been an avid storyteller for most of his life, being asked by his teachers to tell stories to the rest of his class.

Having retired after 50 years telling other people's stories as a TV cameraman, even travelling to Iraq, Iran and Beirut to cover conflicts, Mr Locke wants to share his own imaginative stories.

Mr Locke has already self-published seven books, with three more in the works.

He will donate 10 per cent of the royalties to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, and can be bought online at