Sherwood MP to organise another Clipstone Headstocks survey - weeks after one was published

The headstocks
The headstocks

Mark Spencer, Sherwood MP is set to organise a survey into the future of the Clipstone Headstocks, just weeks after the results of another survey came in.

Mr Spencer has said that the previous survey by Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group (CCRG), which was published this month, had about 500 responses and about 270 were from "actually Clipstone residents".

He said: "I have decided to organise an official survey, to establish whether the residents would like the Clipstone Headstocks to remain standing or to be demolished.

"Over the past decade or so, I acknowledge that there have been a number of surveys, polls and votes on whether the headstocks should remain or not. Indeed, there has been one recently over the last few months, although of the 500 or so respondents, only around 270 were actually local Clipstone residents.

"I want to make sure that the whole of Clipstone, Kings Clipstone and Cavendish Park residents are included and are given the opportunity to have their say. So, if you live in Clipstone, keep an eye out for my letter in the post."

The results of the survey by the CCRG, a non profit organisation which is trying to save the headstocks, found that over 70 per cent of respondents said that they would like to see the Grade II-listed headstocks and adjoining buildings saved for the future.

The two options favoured most by Clipstone residents would see the buildings converted into an adventure and community centre.

Around two-thirds of responses supported the idea of developing an adventure sports facility as the primary driver for a project that aims to attract investment, jobs and opportunities for residents.

The other most popular option would see the site developed into a community hub.

A CCRG spokeswoman said: "A form was delivered to every household and people were also given the opportunity to fill in the survey on line. We had drop off points in the community and also the school took part and distributed the survey to the children at Samuel Barlow. The online survey was promoted widely and anyone who felt they wanted to could fill in the online survey.

"The Headstocks and Powerhouse are Grade II listed which means they are of national importance and this also is why CCRG felt that the survey should go wider. However, the aim was also to ensure that the views of the local community informed the future redevelopment of the site."