Runaway chihuahua missing from kennel near Mansfield found hiding on farm after three day search

The dog of a family on holiday abroad has been caught after he escaped from a kennel.

Friday, 5th August 2022, 1:23 pm

Bluey, an 11-month-old chihuahua, has been returned to safety after he escaped from Kingstand Lodge Kennels in Budby on Tuesday, August 2.

Clowne-couple Sam and Caron were on holiday with their six-year-old son Thian in Corfu when they received the bad news from the kennel, allegedly 12 hours after Bluey escaped.

The couple were told that Bluey had somehow escaped the kennel through a hole and then out of the main gates.

Bluey, an 11-month-old chihuahua, was found three days after escaping a kennel in Budby.

The owners quickly contacted Beauty’s Legacy, a registered charity which aims to reunite lost and stolen pets, who launched a campaign shared by almost 500 people on social media.

After several days of investigating sightings of Bluey near busy roads, plus in Thoresby and Clumber Park, the volunteers of Beauty’s Legacy finally received what would be the final call of Bluey’s extraordinary journey to say he had been spotted on a farm in Bothamsall – over five miles from the kennel.

This morning (August 5), at 7.15am, Lisa Dean, the owner of the charity, and one volunteer went over to the farm and laid out a trail of gravy which led Bluey straight into Lisa’s arms.

Lisa said: “We did have a trap ready, but we didn't need it – we just caught him by hand.

Lisa Dean, owner of Beauty's Legacy, pictured with Bluey, finally safe and sound.

“The farmer's wife was crying, I was crying, my volunteer was crying - [Bluey] literally just went to sleep in my arms, he was just so glad to be saved.”

Lisa was pleased to deliver the good news to Bluey’s family. "Obviously this has ruined their holiday – they’re coming home on Monday, and they've spent all this week absolutely distraught.

“So today, to phone them and go: ‘look who I’ve got,’ – it was just amazing to give them that good news.

“It makes all the sleepless nights and all the hard work worth it. I've got some fantastic volunteers in our charity, and it's just so lovely when we all come together and get a result like this.

“We want to thank the members of the public for constantly ringing in sightings.

“Everyone pulled together and helped to get this little dog safe while his mum and dad were suffering out in Corfu. It’s an amazing result.

Kingstand Lodge Kennels has been approached for comment.

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