Plum tree planted in Southwell play area to symbolise low carbon future

A plum tree has been planted in Norwood Gardens play area as a symbol of Southwell Town Council’s commitment towards a healthy low carbon future for our children and the planet.

The Merryweather plum was chosen because of its connection with the town and as there are already apple trees at the orchard situated within the Norwood Gardens play area.

Coun Karen Roberts said: “It’s important to have an orchard near the play area because children can then see where food comes from.

"We’re helping them to learn that food doesn’t just come from the supermarket.

Coun Karen Roberts, vice-chair of the Town Environment Committee, and Coun Sally Reynolds, chair of Southwell Town Council

"Children are more likely to eat meals to which they’ve contributed in some way, so being able to pick the fruit from the tree, will encourage them to try the fruit and eat it.”

The tree planting is part of an initiative set up by the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust which has planted fruit trees on all of its sites.