Plans to turn Forest Town home into care home for adults with learning disabilities

A five-bedroom home could be turned into a care home for adults with mild learning disabilities.

Plans have been submitted to Mansfield District Council to change the use of the house on Oakland Road, Forest Town, from a residential home to a care home.

The house on Oakland Road, Forest Town.

The house on Oakland Road, Forest Town.

The applicant Irene Muyenziwa, of Rhadsac Community Living, already owns and operates several of these 'care homes' in Buckinghamshire.

The agent for Ms Muyenziwa, James Luntz from ClearView Planning, said that she is "led to believe from discussions with the various health bodies in Nottinghamshire that there is a shortage in care home bed spaces and a desire to seek additional bed spaces within the community".

The plans state that there would be up to four adults who have mild learning difficulties living in the property.

Mr Luntz said: "Whist the residents can live a relative independent life, there remains a need for carers to be on site to ensure that the residents are safe and any medication needs looking after."

There will be two carers operating on a shift basis at the house.

Mr Luntz also said that there would be no "obvious change" to the outside of the house.

He said: "It would not indicate that the house was occupied by four people with learning difficulties."

The application also said that there will be little difference to the neighbours than if there was a family living there.

And, that no complaints have been lodged in Ms Muyenziwa's other care homes in the six years they have operated.