The full moon behind Clipstone headstocks.The full moon behind Clipstone headstocks.
The full moon behind Clipstone headstocks.

Photographer with a 'focus on Mansfield' shares stunning snaps from across the community

A Mansfield man is sharing his stunning photos from across the district – celebrating the area’s beauty through the lens.

Neil Pledger, aged 53, captures photos of the area in his spare time.

The communications officer and media photographer said he has always been fond of the county, its mining heritage and key landmarks.

He said he hoped to capture the beauty around Mansfield, through recreational photography, for the community to enjoy.

Neil said: “Being from Mansfield, my focus – pardon the pun – is Mansfield.

“You only have to go down the road to Ashfield, or Derbyshire to see even more stunning views.

“We have so much history around us and beautiful places that are not necessarily historic but special and unique in their own way.

“I am Mansfield born and bred, a miner’s son and have always tried to show the positives of our area through photography.

“There can be a degree of apathy and negativity around the town, but there are many great things here and it is nice to focus on the positives.

“I like to capture that through photography.

“I love to show Mansfield in a positive light and celebrate it.

“Photography is one of the most accessible art forms around, especially with smart phones too.

“It is not always about having the best camera, it is about seeing something and capturing it how you see it.

“It is a great way to be creative and connect, especially when sharing photos.

“I share images on my social media pages and there’s just so much to photograph here.

“It is great to speak with people about these photos and places too, as it is a part of our identity.

“A recent shot I did was of the full moon.

“I really wanted to capture the moon behind Clipstone headstocks and it took some serious planning and Google Earth skills to figure out the logistics of the shot.

“I thankfully managed to capture the moon behind the headstocks and it was well-received by the community.”