Petition to ban sale of fireworks until week of bonfire night launched by Sutton resident

Victoria with Mike and BennyVictoria with Mike and Benny
Victoria with Mike and Benny
A Sutton resident has launched a petition to ban the sale of fireworks in the months leading up to bonfire night.

Victoria Neale, 23, has started a petition after seeing how scared her dogs were of fireworks, which were let off for months leading up to November 5.

Victoria, who lives in Sutton, says her pets are 'terrified' of the loud bangs, and have even wet themselves in fear.

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Benny, a 10 year old Shih Tzu and Mike, a four year old Springer Spaniel spend the night shaking in terror when fireworks are let off nearby.

Victoria's petition call on retailers to only sell fireworks in the week of bonfire night and New Year's Eve, which she says will help pet owners, as well as parents of young children, prepare for the loud bangs.

Victoria said: "I'm not trying to spoil anyone's fun, and I don't want a total ban on all fireworks, but they are going off from September through until November.

"I enjoy fireworks as much as the next person, and I'll go to an organised display, but as soon as shops are selling them people will buy them and let them off just because they can.

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"There have been instances where fireworks have been let off at two and three in the afternoon, not because people have their families round for a display, but just because people have got them.

"Benny and Mike will spend the night shaking, and are glued to my leg. They're too scared to go outside to use the toilet and have wet themselves before.

"As soon as the firework display goes out in supermarkets people will just let them off without being mindful of who is around - pets, families with young children or children with autism, or vulnerable elderly people.

"They seem to be sold earlier and earlier, and are being let off in residential areas from the end of September.

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"If they are only on sale for a week you can prepare for them."

Sainsbury's announced it would stop selling fireworks at its 2,300 stores across the UK last week, and although they did not reveal why, a petition last year calling for a ban gained 307,897 signatures.

You can sign Victoria's petition here:, which has already reached 188 signatures.

Ashfield District Council has been contacted for comment.