Ollerton couple surpass half a million followers on TikTok

A couple from Ollerton who took to social media to promote and celebrate diversity are thrilled after reaching a major milestone.

Kerry Simpson, 37 and Anna Simpson, aged 30, have now surpassed half a million followers in their growing success on video format TikTok.

The couple are known by their blended name 'Kerana' and post regular content on @Kerana0208.

The mums started their TikTok journey in 2019, with videos featuring a strong message of ‘self-acceptance’ and ‘embracing uniqueness’.

Kerry and Anna at Vicars Water Country Park, Clipstone. The couple had their first date here.

Kerry and Anna explained how they would broadcast uplifting live streams during the pandemic with one charity live stream having raised a fantastic £600 for Comic Relief.

The couple said they feel immensely grateful for their growing following.

When asked about the online reaction, Anna said: "We didn't think we would ever get anything like this. We just thought we would post a few videos, and that would be it."

Kerry shared how their videos had helped some followers accept their LGBTQ+ identity and gave them the courage to come out to family and friends.

Kerry, 37 and Anna aged 30 pictured on a bench at Vicars Water Country Park, Clipstone.

Anna said: "People who have suffered from anxiety and depression have also shared how we have helped them get through it.

"Other people just scream – kids often point and say hey you're from TikTok. Sometimes we end up on people’s TikTok feeds who aren’t even following us. But then recognise us in the street. It is quite surreal."

‘Kerana’ are often spotted wearing the same outfits with matching dyed hair.

Unfortunately, life in the spotlight has attracted negative attention too.

But the duo said they would rather remain positive and continue posting authentic content inspired by trending sounds.

Kerry said: "The hate does not bother us, which is why we don't delete it. We laugh at it. If we deleted it, it would contradict the fact that it doesn’t bother us… We want to teach people that it is okay to be different. At the end of the day, you are you and you shouldn’t change for anyone.”

The TikTok duo would like to thank their fans for all of the support, manager, Zak Keeling and their Mother.

The UK’s Content Creator Event ‘Social in the City is the next stop for the Mansfield creatives. Further details will be shared when finalised.

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