Nottinghamshire Labrador who had special high-chair to eat has died

A Nottinghamshire Labrador who had a bespoke high-chair to help him eat has died.

Two year old Buck had a condition called megaoesophagus which meant he struggled to swallow food and was underweight.

Two year old Buck had a special chair to help him eat

Two year old Buck had a special chair to help him eat

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Buck was taken in by the charity Team Edward Labrador Rescue before his story was spotted by University of Nottingham vet and teaching associate, Emma Drinkall.

Along with her partner Nick Rowan, a senior lecturer in product design and engineering at De Montford University, the couple designed and built the chair so Buck could keep his food down.

Confirming his death on Facebook, Nottinghamshire-based charity Team Edward - Labrador Rescue wrote: "We are so very very heartbroken.

"Over the last few weeks he has deteriorated massively in front of our eyes.

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"Buck went to sleep peacefully this morning surrounded by the people that absolutely loved him and cared for him unconditionally.

"We here today are struggling to manage our emotions for our loss for this special boy.

"Go run and chase the squirrels Buck, seek water and swim and frolic, today we have given you the spirit and the freedom to be a dog once more.

"Sleep tight handsome, knowing you were very very loved by us all."

David Fewster, Buck's carer added that Buck had not been well for the last three weeks.

"It was the hardest decision but making it with Laura at Lawrence Vets who has been with us on the entire journey it was the kindest and right decision." David wrote.

"He spent a lovely morning at Bestwood Country Park yesterday.

"We went for a last walk this morning, and as I carried him back he had his head on my shoulder looking across the fields, we knew it was time.

"He drifted off literally drinking the biggest bowl of water ever not in his chair - all he had ever wanted to do.

"Heʼll leave a huge hole in our hearts and lives but run free, drink as much water as you like son."