Mansfield twins determined to 'make memories that will last forever' as one battles terminal cancer

A ‘heartbroken’ Mansfield twin is desperately trying to raise funds to help make every moment count with her sister, who has terminal cancer.

Leanne Allen (left) and her twin sister Lyndsey Allen.
Leanne Allen (left) and her twin sister Lyndsey Allen.

Leanne Allen wants to ‘make memories to last forever’ with her twin Lyndsey, who is slowly losing her battle with a rare form of cancer called neuroendocrine at the age of just 35.

Neuroendocrine tumours can develop in many different organs of the body and affect the cells that release hormones into the bloodstream.

“It has ripped our family apart,” Leanne, who lives in Meden Vale, said.

“We believed that chemo would have some effect and allow her to live a happy and healthy life for a fair few years, but at the last consultation we were told that this is not the case.

“This news was the worse day of our lives and seeing the upset in Lyndsey’s eyes will live with me forever.

"Lyndsey struggles daily and at the moment is stuck in hospital having to have her lung drained.

“But once she is out of hospital I want to be able to make memories with her, and for Lyndsey to make memories with her family and friends, and not have to worry about money.”

Leanne has set up an online fundraising page, which has already raised more than £2,400.

The funds will be used to fulfil Lyndsey’s ‘bucket list’, which includes activities such as hot air ballooning, learning to swim and visiting the Maldives.

“Seeing her struggle breaks my heart day after day,” Leanne said.

“We are so close and I honestly can not imagine my life without her – my womb mate!

“I love her more than life itself and I wish I could take this away from her and go back to how life used to be.

“My family and the people who really love Lyndsey want to help her make memories and to be able to put a smile on her beautiful face and give her what she truly deserves.

“I need her well enough for us to start cracking on with it because it’s a lengthy list.”

Leanne will also be taking part in the Great North Run in Lyndsey’s honour on September 11 this year.

Click here to donate to the twins’ fundraising page.

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