Mansfield's Richard Bacon handed 'P45' on air

Richard Bacon was handed a 'P45' while standing in for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Richard was finishing his interview with Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis when GMB editor Neil Thompson walked into the studio.

Richard Bacon with GMB editor Neil Thompson and co-host Susanna Reid

Richard Bacon with GMB editor Neil Thompson and co-host Susanna Reid

"Oh the editor is here. Hi Neil," said a confused Richard, who did not know what was happening.

Neil informed Richard that he might not be on Friday's show unless he made a big change.

The editor said: "Well Richard you may or may not be here. Simple choices in life."

"It’s either this or that," he added, offering Richard shaving foam, a razor and a towel or a brown envelope with 'P45' written on the front.

Richard replied: "Neil, lets leave them hanging. Will there be an empty chair tomorrow at 6am?

Neil added: "That's what we like - a bit of spontaneity."

Good Morning Britain viewers flocked to Twitter to call for more Bacon on their screens.

One viewer said: "Oh my, Richard Bacon is a bit of alright in the morning @GMB. First Richard Madeley, now this? Keep the silver foxes coming!"

Another added: "@GMB Please replace Richard Maddeley with Richard Bacon. What a breath of fresh air."

"Really enjoyed seeing you today- you were quirky, just like the Big Breakfast days- you made me smile."

"Love Richard Bacon hopefully he will become a regular." Added another.

However, some GMB viewers were not the biggest fans of Richard.

One viewer said: "Is it just me or is Richard Bacon abit awks on #GMB

"Richard bacon looks terrible for TV @GMB sort it out." said another.