Mansfield mayor aplogises for missing council meeting

Mansfield's mayor Andy Abrahams
Mansfield's mayor Andy Abrahams

Mansfield's mayor Andy Abrahams has apologised for not attending the last full council meeting, citing reasons beyond his control.

Mr Abrahams was stuck in traffic thanks to bad weather conditions, and ended up not getting back to Mansfield in time for the meeting on September 24.

Mr Abrahams told your Chad: "As the executive mayor I deeply regret not being at the last full council meeting.

"My reason for not attending was unfortunate and out of my control.

"I was travelling back to Mansfield after attending an event out of the district but unfortunately due to really bad weather and traffic jams that occurred along my route my arrival was severely delayed.

"I felt it more appropriate to tender my apologies prior to the meeting to not further impact on the uncertainty of those awaiting my attendance as my journey time continually increased on my Sat Nav.

"I understand the importance of my role as elected mayor and my responsibility to represent you and your interests.

"I will ensure that future meetings are attended so that this can happen.

"All questions submitted to me will be addressed at the next meeting."

Mr Abrahams apologised for missing the meeting after he was criticised for failing to attend.

Councillor Lee Anderson called for his resignation, saying: "The mayor should step down. At the last full council meeting he asked for an extra meeting in the year and he didn't attend."

Councillor Mick Barton said: "There were lots of questions from the public and councillors for the mayor, and I think the public were dissapointed. It is now six weeks until the next meeting."