Mansfield man with world’s biggest hernia hopes to have life saving op in USA

A Mansfield man thought have the world’s biggest hernia is hoping to finally meet the USA surgeon who he hopes could end his misery.

Dean Carron was told his hernia which weighs in at almost five stones is possibly the largest of its kind in the world.

He has been told by doctors in the UK they can no longer operate on him.

His final hope is to travel to the world renowned Indiana Hernia Center.

Dean has arranged to meet Dr Paul Szotek of the Indiana Hernia Centre in person to get a better idea if he can be operated on in the USA.

They first made contact last year when the surgeon said he would help Dean if he sent him a CT scan of his hernia.

Due to the cost of doing this Dean has been unable to progress any further with his potentially life saving visit.

Dean said: “He is coming over from the States on May 16 as part of a series of seminars and I am going to meet him in London.

“I want to see if he can get rid of my hernia. I am in so much pain and it is getting worse every day.

Dean has been looking into going overseas for an operation but estimates he would need to go under the knife four times which would cost him around £30,000.

He added: “I know that this will kill me one day so if I die on the operating table so be it.”

In 2010 Dean went in for a routine appendix operation at King’s Mill Hospital which was expected to last one and a half hours.

But the procedure turned into a seven hour battle to save his life after complications set in leaving him with a large incisional hernia.

The former body guard was left unable to work and he has dedicated the last five years of his life to finding an answer to his predicament.

He is facing a lifetime of immobility as he gradually becomes unable to walk.

Dean has recently moved in to a council bungalow so he can cope better with his condition and remains positive despite his debilitating condition.

He said: “Thanks to the help from Mansfield Welfare Rights who i now have somewhere decent to live.

“The last house I lived in had stairs and was in a terrible state.

“I have been out with my friends recently which has got me out of the box I have been living in for the past seven years. I have a lot of support which means a lot to me.”

A Mansfield man whose life has been turned into a living hell by a massive hernia has been told by doctors they can no longer operate on him.