Mansfield experts aim to make ear-wax removal big business

Ear-wax removal might not sound the most glamorous of jobs. But two experts from Mansfield are hoping to turn it into a successful business.

By Richard Silverwood
Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 9:52 am
Richard Smith and Naomi White, who have set up Clear Ear Wax Solutions to cover the Mansfield and Ashfield area.
Richard Smith and Naomi White, who have set up Clear Ear Wax Solutions to cover the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

Richard Smith, from Clipstone, and Naomi White, of Mansfield Woodhouse, have been audiologists in the NHS for more than 25 years.

Now they are putting their vast experience to good use by setting up Clear Ear Wax Solutions, focusing on a procedure that is becoming increasingly rare.

"A lot of GP surgeries have stopped doing wax removal,” explained father-of-two Richard, 47. “It has been deemed a non-essential service.

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"Even getting dewaxed in hospital is becoming more and more tricky. But there is clearly still a need for it.

"Ear wax can cause increased hearing loss, pain and irritation. I am sure a lot of people don’t know who to turn to.”

Richard and award-winning Naomi, who is 45, are continuing with their NHS ‘day jobs’, but have created Clear to operate in their spare time and at weekends.

They aren’t practising from a clinic as such, but are visiting patients’ homes, or care homes, with their specialised microsuction and irrigation equipment. They cover the whole of the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

Richard and Naomi are respecting all Covid-19 restrictions and say they have received plenty of enquiries already, simply through word of mouth and advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

"We use the most effective and pain-free method of removing wax,” said Richard.

"The longer it stays in the ears, the harder it gets and the more uncomfortable it gets, making it more difficult to remove.

"If we don’t find any wax, we charge only a consultancy fee, rather than a removal fee.

“Our fees are also very affordable. The going rate at the moment is between £80 and £100, but we are running a ‘two-ears-for-the-price-of-one’ promotion, whereby we will do a bilateral dewax for £50.”

Signs of ear-wax build-up include impaired hearing, ear pain, tinnitus and vertigo. All can lead to further complications, including dementia, so Richard urges people to get in touch.

"With the government’s drive to slow the onset of dementia, our business may be of interest because people locally are struggling to get their ears cleared.

"Obviously, it’s a private venture, so there will be a cost incurred. But it will help many hard-of-hearing people.”