Mansfield council's six figure bill for car park scaffolding after 'risk to life' cladding danger

Walkden Street Car Park
Walkden Street Car Park

Scaffolding around Walkden Street Car Park has cost Mansfield District Council over £125,000 since it was erected.

The scaffolding was erected around the 55-year-old car park in October 2018 after Mansfield District Council became concerned about the safety of external panels.

The cost of the scaffolding so far is £125,465.60.

Plans have been drawn up to re-clad the car park in "geometric-shaped perforated aluminium panels", at a cost of £2.4 million.

However, the planning applications committee deferred making a decision to approve the cladding at their meeting on September 23 until more information could be sought on the amended designs.

As well as the cost of the scaffolding, the council leases the car park from tesco at a cost of £338,450 per annum plus an annual insurance sum of £19,096.

In 2018/19, the income for Walkden Street was £149,484.

A spokesperson from Mansfield District Council said: "The Walkden Street development comprising the multi storey car park and retail premises on the ground floor is owned by Vaneli Investing Corp and the whole property is leased to Tesco plc.

"The Council leases the multi-storey car park element from Tesco plc at an annual rent of £338,450 per annum plus an annual insurance sum of £19,096.

"The council lease it on a full repairing and insuring basis and are responsible for repair and maintenance the whole of the multi-storey structure.

"The scaffolding was originally put up in response to a potentially serious situation as the condition of some of the cladding panels could be a risk to life if they became detached.

"The immediate risks were managed through the scaffolding while the situation has continued to be monitored.

"The council has been working with contractors to identify long-term solutions to this problem. more information could be sought on the amended designs

"The process involves securing planning permission and the formal licence agreement of the car park landlord as the council does not own it.

"Unfortunately, this has taken longer than we would have liked but there is now a firm plan to progress and work is expected to start in November."