"Let us stay in Mansfield" plea travellers

A family of travellers who want to settle in Mansfield for their children's education say they feel they are being "barred" from the area.

John and Kathleen Taylor and their three daughters arrived in the area two weeks' ago, ahead of a relative's wedding.

Traveller children waiting for eviction from the Warsop site.

Traveller children waiting for eviction from the Warsop site.

And they are now keen to stay to be near the family.

But, after being evicted from a car park at The Carrs, Warsop, less than 40 hours after they arrived, they are urging Mansfield District Council to advise them on where they can stay legally.

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Mr Taylor said he was concerned his family would end up parked in a lay-by after a nearby legal traveller site, which the council told them to visit, was "full".

The caravans which were on The Carr.

The caravans which were on The Carr.

The 36-year-old said: "The plan was to get on a site and get the kids into school.

"I have been told there are spaces for them here.

"In this day and age, they should be able to read and write.

"How can they live a normal life if we can't get them into education?"

Mrs Taylor, aged 27, said: "They won't tell us where to stay. We don't know where the nearest available legal site will be.

"They usually give us a court notice. but there was none of that.

"They are trying to ban us and I don't know why, we don't steal, we don't have a record. I am a good mother and a person. I don't know why we are treated like this.

"We never have a problem with residents.

"Being verbally told to get off the land makes the kids scared."

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Mrs Taylor said one of her daughters became so distressed when the RSPCA arrived that she ran and hid her puppy.

She said: "She thought they were going to take it. She was crying when she had to hand it over for an inspection.

"The RSPCA lady said it was all right. She was very nice and didn't judge us."

Mr Taylor said he is now taking legal action against the council after he said they were not provided with a court order or "any paperwork" asking them to leave.

Mr Taylor, said: "There was no paperwork and they sent bailiffs around - a team of heavy men. They have taken it too far."

Sarah Troman, Director of Communities at Mansfield District Council, said: “The council worked in partnership with police and followed all relevant legislation and protocols. The travellers have since left the site.”