Kirkby resident hits bump in road with council system whilst trying to get potholes fixed

A Kirkby resident has hit a bump in the road when engaging with a council automated system whilst trying to get ‘awful’ potholes fixed.

Friday, 8th April 2022, 4:15 pm

Colin Smith says he has counted 16 - many large and deep - potholes on the Park Lane (B6018) road between Kirkby and Selston, several near a railway crossing.

Mr Smith, who regularky uses the road, says the condition of the road is “awful” and, despite reporting the potholes, claims “nothing is being done,” despite using the council’s online system “numerous times”

Mr Smith said: “I have made numerous reports to the county council, and spoke with the local MP. I have been told that work would commence, but still nothing has happened.

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Potholes seen on the road near the railway crossing.

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"I dread to think how many people may have damaged their cars going over them, some are so large they are starting to merge to form a channel down the side of the road.

"It’s a fast and busy road, sometimes you drive into the potholes because there is no way round, as cars come towards you on the other side. They are a hazard for motorists.

"If someone wasn’t familiar with the road and hit the potholes at speed, it is a national speed limit road, it could definitely cause some damage to a vehicle.

More potholes pictured on the opposite side of the road

"When you try to report the potholes, you get automated replies on the council system, one says it has received the report and soon after, another says it’s been fixed – when it hasn’t!”Ashfield MP Lee Anderson said “I totally understand why residents are frustrated. The minute drivers cross in to Ashfield, they notice how bad our roads are. I’ve contacted NCC about this issue and expect the work to be completed as soon as possible”.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Head of Highways and Transport, Gary Wood, said: “We’re aware of reports of surface deterioration on Park Lane and appreciate local residents reporting them to us to investigate.

“Any emergency repairs required will have been made by our team when inspecting the location. Additional repairs on Park Lane have been programmed to be completed, which will require temporary traffic signals whilst the works take place.

“In the meantime, we have arranged for an inspector to revisit the site and ensure any additional emergency repairs are made as necessary.”