Andrew Hayes shared this superb picture of this handsome chap Kahuna. Andrew says "He is our neighbours' dog but he's one of the family, we've even removed a fence panel so he can choose which garden he wants to be in! What a guy!

We asked you to share images of your fantastic pets and we were inundated!

Chad readers are clearly well and truly a breed of animal lovers!

Monday, 28th February 2022, 11:14 am

We asked you to send in pictures of your beloved pets to your Chad Facebook page – and we were inundated!

It was all part of National Love Your Pet Day on February 20 when everyone was encouraged to celebrate our cute and cuddly four legged friends, and all other pets. It is a chance to acknowledge the joy and love they bring in to our homes, families and lives.

We had so many super snaps we decided to share a selection of some of our favourites here on the Chad web page. Keep an eye out, as we’ll be featuring even more next week.

See if your can spot your special chum or favourite fur baby here...


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