"I'm surprised I didn't hear a thing": Residents react to Mansfield fish and chip shop fire

Residents surrounding a fish and chip shop at the centre of an arson probe have spoken of their shock of the fire.

Flames engulfed the Woodhouse Fish and Chips in Woodhouse Road, in the early hours Tuesday morning, with firefighters spending a number of hours at the scene.

Woodhouse Fist and Chips

Woodhouse Fist and Chips

Fire crews were called to the blaze at around 2am, and used used jets, dry powder and CO2 extinguishers to fight the flames.

Nottinghamshire Police believe someone smashed the front window of the property before setting the building on fire.

Many residents on Orchard Street, which backs on to the fish and chip shop, said they heard nothing during the night, despite being home.

One resident of Baggaley Crescent said she was shocked she didn't hear anything, even though she was awake at the time.

"I'm surprised I didn't hear a thing," she said.

"I only heard what had happened when my daughter told me. It's such a shame - the owner is lovely and the staff always have a lolly for the kids.

"It's always busy in there too, it was a nice chippy.

"I saw investigators swabbing the glass when I called at the shop next door later on, and a policeman guarding the door - my first though was 'oh god, I hope nobody's been hurt'.

"I often hear ambulances and police cars through the night on Woodhouse Road, but I heard no alarms, no sirens - nothing."

Another resident added: "I didn't know anything about a fire until I went past the shop in the morning.

"It's quiet around here so a fire like that is awful."

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information should contact police on 101 quoting incident number 59 of October 8