Huthwaite road 'worse than ever' one year after 'abysmal' repair

A Huthwaite road is now 'worse than ever' one year after a video of workers filling the hole went viral.

Friday, 9th August 2019, 3:11 pm
The original repair

In August 2018, a video posted by Huthwaite businessman Brian Tonks showed VIA workmen pour material into a hole outside his shop on Main Street and then drive away from the scene.

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Council defends workmen who took just seconds to repair a pothole on a Huthwait...

Nottinghamshire County Council defended the 'permanent' repair, saying: "The material that has been used in this video is Viafix, manufactured by Viatec, and is an easy to use and cost-effective material.

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The original repair

"The material can be poured into a hole in any weather conditions and the overrunning of vehicles compacts it”.

However, 12 months later, the road is 'worse than ever'.

The road now

He said: "The road is a disaster after the abysmal repair.

"The hole in the road is now significantly bigger, so the repair was a complete waste of taxpayer's money.

"It seems that what Notts County Council class as a permanent repair is different to other councils.

"If they had done a proper repair it would have lasted a number of years - they should be held accountable for this."

Mr Tonks said of the original repair: “It’s ridiculous - it is the second time they have filled the same hole in six months . they didn’t even pat it down - they just left it for cars and lorries to run over it.

“I can understand the need to do remedial repairs - but at what cost?

"It should be more than just a temporary quick fix. they could at least roller it in. "

The hole causes a nuisance because it fetching stones up which hit customers cars parked outside the shop.”

On Nottinghamshire County Council's website, they say that small potholes are repaired using a 'bagged material' that 'self levels'.

Their website states: "For smaller potholes we use a cold bagged material which can be poured into the hole. The material self levels and forms a very hard surface, making the road safe.

"For larger potholes we cut out a section of the road around the hole, clear out old material and fill it with hot material.

"If a road has lots of potholes it may require more work like patching or resurfacing."

Nottinghamshire County Council has been contacted for comment.