Huthwaite child protection scheme to be rolled out

A new scheme to keep children safe on the streets is set to be rolled out across Huthwaite.

A number of ‘safe stop’ stations are to be set up throughout the village, in a bid to help children in an emergency.
Shops and businesses that sign up to the scheme will display notices in their windows and doors, so that children know this is a safe place for them to go if they are scared or have been approached by strangers.

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Members of the community are working alongside Nottinghamshire Police to set up more of the stations, and confirm their procedures.
This comes after two incidents where children were allegedly approached by strangers on Welfare Park, Huthwaite Road.
Organisers say they are working alongside police to implement safeguarding measures and train shop staff on what to do if a child has been approached by a stranger.
Janet Jago-Lee, who has helped to organise the scheme says she will meet with Nottinghamshire Police at the end of the week to discuss the details, and how staff can be trained to help youngsters in distress.

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She said: “There have been two incidents recently where young children have been approached by strangers in the village, and it frightened us all very much.
“We wanted to do something to let children know where they can go if they feel scared.
“We will have signs up in shops and businesses so that children know this is a safe space, with trained adults who can help them.”
The initiative has been set up with the help of LJ Meeks, who runs the Make Bake and Celebrate sweet shop on Sutton Road.
LJ said: “We are trying to keep children safe when they’re out on their own, and a lot of the children from the village come in here so they know me already.
“Although the safe stop signs are up in my shop at the moment, we hope once we have met with the police more shops will sign up.
Councillor Tom Hollis said:” It’s great that the community are working on a project to help children feel safe - there are lots of children who play outdoors in Huthwaite.”
“The council are always invested in children’s activities, and they have the fantastic Columbia Street Park.

Coun Andrew Harding , Huthwaite and Brierley councillor said,“Any scheme that makes children safer is to be welcomed.

"Residents have the full support of Councillor Tom Hollis and myself. There will obviously have to be DBS and other checks put in place first but the idea of this scheme is essentially a good one.

"We will continue to make the case for more police across Huthwaite and Sutton – as there’s no substitute for a visible police presence.”