Here is why a show was cancelled at Mansfield Palace Theatre

A travelling 60s show has cancelled its appearance at Mansfield Palace Theatre because of low ticket sales.

The Sixties Invasion, was set to play at the Leeming Street venue tonight, May 15, but cancelled after a fifth of tickets were sold.

Mansfield Palace Theatre

Mansfield Palace Theatre

Josh Greer, who is with the show, said that about 106 tickets were sold out of the 534 available at the venue.

The show features bands Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, The Foundations known for their hit "Build Me Up Buttercup" and The Tornados who topped the UK charts with "Telstar".

Mr Greer said: "It is down to the lack of ticket sales the Palace only sold about 106 tickets.

"I don't know what to say. It is very disappointing we cannot do a show to 100 people."

He said that if the show was to go ahead with 100 tickets sold they would lose about £6,000, from renting the theatre and other costs.

Tickets were advertised for £27.50.

He said: "Some venues do very well.

"In my opinion - I have been in the business 18 years - is that it is down to the advertising the theatres do.

"60s shows can have a limited audience - we are not going to get 20 or 30-year-olds, which is a pity because the music is great.

"The show has three well-know recording bands.

"It is absolutely a great show - the BBC has raved about it and one newspaper said it is the best 60s travelling show."

Mr Greer also said they advertise the show for six months and give venues posters and "thousands of flyers".

He also said that this is the second venue the show has cancelled.

But, said the first venue was cancelled because of low ticket sales and that it was not a 'music venue'.

The show is currently touring the country with 34 dates, before going onto Germany and Holland, where one venue which holds 1,800 people, is almost sold out.

A Mansfield Palace Theatre spokeswoman said: "The Palace Theatre apologises for the late cancellation of The Sixties Invasion tonight.

"This was due to the timing of the instruction received from the hirer who had booked the venue.

"Full refunds will be given for tickets purchased from the Palace Theatre Box Office and its website."