Have your say on proposal for 320 new homes in Market Warsop

It is a major housing scheme that could reshape the future of Market Warsop.

Gladman Developments has put forward plans for a new residential development of 320 new homes.

Picture: Gladman Developments

Picture: Gladman Developments

A separate application has been approved by Mansfield District council to build 400 homes on land adjacent to the proposed development, off Stonebridge Lane.

This approved application was submitted by Pegasus Planning Group, on behalf of Harworth Estates.

Gladman Developments, who believes new homes will 'enhance the settlement', has now opened up a public consultation period, where residents and businesses can have their say on the proposals.

They will gather opinions before submitting their planning application to Mansfield District Council.

In a leaflet distributed to residents and businesses, Gladman Developments states: "We appreciate that people who live within the immediate vicinity of our housing proposals may be concerned about matters such as increased levels of road traffic, loss of views and many other topics.

"Gladman recognises its responsibility to respect the character of the settlement and needs of the existing community, as well as providing housing for new and existing residents.

"We are also fully committed to delivering additional benefits to Market Warsop wherever possible.

Gladman also state that the development will benefit local businesses, and the income generated by new residents would lead to a 'significant boost in local spending'.

The leaflet states: "There is an indication that the gross spending power of the new residents could be in excess of £9.5 million each year, a proportion of which will be spent in the locality."

The infrastructure's ability to cope with an influx of new residents has also been addressed in the leaflet, which states: "Financial contributions will be made where there is a need to increase capacity in services such as the local schools and GP surgery.

"The need for and quantum of such contributions will be ascertained as the proposals progress through the application process.

"For example, if it is deemed the school does not already have sufficient capacity and planning permission is granted, a contribution will be paid to the local education authority to ensure that sufficient school places are made available through the provision of new classrooms."

Under the scheme, up to 20 per cent of the homes would be affordable.

The plan includes a children's play area, additional trees planted on site, and a planting wall.

Access to the site would be taken from Mansfield Road, and the developer hopes to 'create a sense of arrival' into Warsop.

Gladman Developments declined to comment.

You can comment on the development here: your-views.co.uk/marketwarsop/

You can email: comments@your-views.co.uk (please use “Market Warsop” as the subject line)

Or write to: Your Views; Market Warsop Gladman House, Alexandria Way, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1LB