Four Seasons shopper left embarrassed over voucher mix-up

A Mansfield shopper said he was left embarrassed after a free coffee voucher he received from Four Seasons Shopping Centre was refused.

The voucher which was sent to Michael Briggs, who travels from Barnsley to Mansfield to visit the shopping centre, was meant to be redeemable at the cafe in Debenhams.

Four Seasons Shopping Centre

Four Seasons Shopping Centre

However, when the 41-year-old went to redeem the free coffee he was refused and left embarrassed.

He said: "The cafe staff told me it was not authorised by Debenhams - I had to walk away. I was embarrassed and had spent my allowance for the day.

"I go to the centre very often, I like it. I usually go with my mum, I glad I was alone that day, it would have been even more embarrassing."

Mr Briggs who is planning to go to college in a few months also has Asperger syndrome and said the centre does not realise the affect it has had.

He said: "It puts you off".

Asperger's, is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Mr Briggs then visited the customer service desk on the same day, Saturday, February 16.

Where he said he was going to receive a call from Rebekah O’Neill, the centre manager for the shopping centre.

He said: "They have not had the courtesy to call me.

"It is like they were trying to blame each other."

Rebekah O’Neill said: “There has been a number of new members of staff at Debenhams and unfortunately the complimentary drinks voucher was not accepted on Saturday.

“We have discussed this issue with the Debenhams team and agreed that these will continue to be honoured moving forward and I have personally written to the gentleman involved to explain the situation and offer my apologies and assurances that it won’t happen again.”

Ten pound gift card to spend in the centre.