Football match to raise funds for three year old Annesley boy with serious illness

A charity football match has been organised to raise money for the family of a youngster with a serious illness.

Young Charlie Radford, aged three, lives in Annesley with mum Claire, dad Rob, and twin brother Harry.

The Radford family

The Radford family

Charlie was diagnosed with serious bowel condition necrotising enterocolitis at just five weeks old, and has spent much of his young life in and out of Queen’s Medical Centre.

After five operations to remove portions of his bowel, the 'cheeky' youngster is facing the possibility of multiple organ transplants in the future.

Mum Claire, 32, said: “When Charlie was undergoing his operations, it was just gut wrenching, our emotions were all over the place.

“One of the surgeons said Charlie’s case was one of the worst he’d ever seen.

Harry and Charlie

Harry and Charlie

“Charlie has come a long way since then - but because he has always been fed through a central line into his chest, he has an aversion to food.

"We missed out on the weaning stage, as he wasn't allowed food until he was 22 months old."

The family are trying to help Charlie eat, and although he manages small bites of food, they would like to help him into an eating routine.

A charity football match has been arranged to raise money so the family can have space in their home to eat together, as Claire believes this will help Charlie.

Wayne Fisher, a friend of the Radfords has organised the match, which will kick off on May 10, at Mansfield hoiserymills football ground.

Wayne said: “Claire and Rob are so dedicated to their boys, it would be nice to give something back, and help the family out.

“All money raised will be handed over to the family to help get what they need to help with Charlie.”

Claire added that the funds raised will help them with their planned home extension, which is due to start at the end of the year.

“We haven’t got anywhere to eat as a family,” she added.

“Charlie eats at a table on the ward in QMC, so I think having a table to eat at, and a routine of eating together as a family, will encourage him to eat.”

Claire started a blog in February 2018, on the second anniversary of Charlie’s illness as a way to capture come to terms with Charlie’s diagnosis.

She said: “My sole purpose for our family blog is to raise awareness of the devastating effects of necrotizing enterocolitis and how families are affected by this dreadful life-threatening disease. “

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