Eastwood schoolgirl praised for quick-thinking after 80-year-old great aunt suffered seizure

A heroic Eastwood schoolgirl has been praised for potentially helping save her elderly auntie’s life following a ‘scary ordeal’.

By Lucy Roberts
Wednesday, 20th July 2022, 10:16 am
Nine-year-old Sharna Lowe with her great aunt Sheila Clifford, aged 80.
Nine-year-old Sharna Lowe with her great aunt Sheila Clifford, aged 80.

Sharna Lowe, aged nine, often visits her great auntie Sheila Clifford at her home on South Street after school.

The pair were sitting and talking in the back garden when 80-year-old Sheila suddenly began having a seizure.

Lindsey Clifford, Sharna’s mum, said: “They were just talking outside when Sheila’s lips started to go funny and she started shaking.

“Then she suddenly fell on the floor and started having a fit.”

Sharna, who attends Springbank Academy, on Peacock Drive, Eastwood, kept a cool head and managed to run straight to get help.

Lindsey said: “She didn’t even panic.

“She just ran straight up the road to my other auntie Julie’s house and got someone to help.

“She was a bit shaken up afterwards, but stayed there to make sure Sheila was taken to the hospital. The ambulance wait was too long so my uncle ended up taking her in the end."

Lindsey is extremely proud of her daughter for the level-headed way she approached the situation last Tuesday, July 12.

She said: “Sharna did so well to stay calm. She said to me she didn’t even think – she just ran straight to get help.

“We’re not sure why the fit happened, it could have been triggered by the hot weather, but all of the family has thanked Sharna for being there at the right time.

“I am very proud of her and she should be really proud of herself.

“If it wasn’t for her and Sheila didn’t get the help she needed, then it could have been a different story.”

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Since the incident, music-lover Sharna has been checking in regularly to make sure her great aunt is recovering well.

“It was really scary ordeal for her,” Lindsey said.

“It would be scary for anyone, but especially at nine years old.

“She keeps asking me if we can go and check on Sheila and I have to reassure her she's fine.

“It’s probably something that will stay with her for a long time.”