Eastwood residents rally together in 'outstanding efforts' for Ukraine

Kind-hearted volunteers across Eastwood and Kimberley have put all hands on deck to help those whose lives have been turned upside down by the war in Ukraine.

By Lucy Roberts
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 4:19 pm
Morrisons Eastwood Community Champion Julie Newing and Chris Jones of the 1538 charity.
Morrisons Eastwood Community Champion Julie Newing and Chris Jones of the 1538 charity.

The invasion has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, with local folk feeling compelled to help where they can, as many Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes.

In a fantastic show of community spirit, a number of drop-off points were organised in the area for lorries to be loaded with donations of food, toiletries and first aid items.

Oliver’s Pub and Kitchen, New Horizon Church, Morrisons Eastwood, the Pout beauty salon and GT Cars in Eastwood, Tangles salon and 2O Hair Design in Kimberley and Brinsley Parish Hall, along with many schools, all gathered hundreds of donations for the cause.

Local samaritans have united to help Ukraine, with donation drop off points across Eastwood and Kimberley.

Many of the donations from Eastwood were then transported by local volunteer Reece Oliver to the Poland/Ukraine border.

Eastwood Town Council leader David Bagshaw has praised residents’ “outstanding efforts in the face of adversity”.

He said: “It just shows the kind of people we have living here – generous and always willing to help others. They have really taken it to their heart.

“The generosity of the people of Eastwood knows no bounds when others are suffering from adversity and that has been proven over the past week.

“It’s absolutely bewildering the lengths people have gone to help.”

More than a million people have fled Ukraine and hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed as the international conflict continues.

Broxtowe Borough Council has publicly condemned the actions of Vladimir Putin and said it is ready to ‘step up’ to help take in Ukrainian refugees when the need arises.

Councillor Steve Carr shared his thoughts on the ‘dreadful situation’.

He said: “We thought when 2022 came this could be a better year for everyone. But what we are seeing in Ukraine is an absolute disgrace in the 21st century.

“Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine. It is an absolutely dreadful situation. Broxtowe Borough Council is ready to step up to help refugees who have fled their homes.”

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