Eastwood resident furious over 'horrible' state of town's graveyard

An angry Eastwood resident said she is ‘appalled’ by the state of the town’s cemetery, where her relatives are buried.

By Lucy Roberts
Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 4:41 pm
A resident has expressed her concerns about Eastwood Cemetery.
A resident has expressed her concerns about Eastwood Cemetery.

Margaret Hussey said she has written to Broxtowe Borough Council, which is responsible for its upkeep, to express her concerns about the graveyard’s “disgusting” condition.

She said: “I have three family graves at this cemetery going back 50 years and I have never seen it in such a horrible state.

“Where the graves used to be neatly mown and strimmed, they are now sprayed copiously with strong weedkiller which both weakens the ground and is very unsightly.

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“We cut the grass on our graves regularly and find it disgusting how the council insist on spraying weedkiller where it is totally unnecessary.

“We have always maintained our graves to an immaculate standard and I have three generations of family that will continue to do the same.

"I paid £3,000 for a good quality headstone for my husband and I do not want the weedkiller to spoil the ground and cause the stone to eventually become unstable and possibly collapse – like many others have already done.”

Mrs Hussey claimed the council has recently erected a new sign in the cemetery advising families of those whose gravestones have collapsed to rectify the damage.

She added: “I find this unbelievable when they themselves are treating the cemetery with such a lack of care and dignity."

And it is not just the graves that are in such bad shape, Mrs Hussey continued: “The same is to be said for the road leading down to the cemetery gates.

“The potholes and uneven surface is of such severity that there is bound to be damage to vehicles, if there has not been already.

“As the road has not been maintained it has deteriorated to a point now that it poses a hazard to both vehicles and pedestrians.”

Mrs Hussey is worried there is “no respect" for those who have passed away and is looking for answers.

She said: “Why has Eastwood Cemetery been left to decline so drastically?

“I want to know whether the council is going to action change where it's needed before the cemetery declines further.

“There is no respect for those who have been laid to rest and their families.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has been approached for comment.

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