Drug deals taking place outside bedroom windows of Mansfield sheltered housing

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A Layton Burroughs resident has said that she is at her wits end after drugs have ravaged her once-quiet neighbourhood.

The resident of the flats on Corporation street claims that drug deals are taking place outside her bedroom window from morning until night, and she has seen people injecting drugs in broad daylight.

She said:”I’m tired of it. I can’t even allow my grandkids to come and see me because I don’t want them to see what’s going on. We have had no help from the police, even though they have assured us that the problem will be dealt with.”

She added: “It’s out of control. We have to be careful when we go out as people sit outside and openly deal drugs. Some older people are just scared to go out.”

Back in 2014, the housing association that manages the flats said that they were planning to block off two thoroughfares in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour problems, and added that they would come down very hard on anyone who breached their tenancy.

However, the resident said that herself and other tenants have contacted the police, Mansfield District Council and the housing association but so far, nothing has been done.

She said: “We are all our wits end. We feel completely abandoned, like no-one wants to help us.”

She added: “The police know what is going on, but we haven’t seen much of a police presence. We just don’t know what to do anymore.”

Notts Police, MDC and the housing association have not yet commented.