‘Don’t get caught out by park signs’ Mansfield man urges after ticket

Resident Adrian Marson is calling for better signage.
Resident Adrian Marson is calling for better signage.

“Tiny signs” are catching shoppers and dog walkers out, a Mansfield man claims.

Adrian Marson, aged 46, is warning visitors to Carr Bank Park and neighbouring businesses in The Stables to be more aware of the signs after he was ticketed.

The King Fisher Road resident, who has been using the Mansfield Manor Hotel-owned car park off Windmill Lane for years, was shocked to find out it was no longer free.

He said: “They need more signs. I saw that three other people had been ticketed – no-one can see the signs, they are so small. It’s so unfair and it is a shame because it is a nice little park.”

The sales representative said he does not usually get a ticket as he is careful to look, but thought the car park was still fine as “it had been free for so long”.

He has been told to pay £100, unless he pays within 14 days then it will be £40.

Parking charges of £1 an hour were put in place more than six months ago.

There are currently two signs in the car park stating the restrictions. There are plans for banners to be put up.

Diane Doran, hotel owner said: “The long standing issues with The Stables, including inconsiderate parking and refusal to recognise our parking needs, has led us to bring in parking controls. This has negatively impacted our standing in the community in which we have worked so hard to encourage increased use of the park and facilities.”

Paul Utting, owner of The Stables, said that he is working with the hotel to resolve the issue, but the public need to be aware that this is a private car park. He said: “I don’t want the public to be charged but it is only because of the generosity of the hotel that they have been able to park.”