Council claims it is supporting residents affected by Mansfield quarry collapse

Mansfield District Council says it is working hard to support people affected by a quarry collapse - but residents say they have "been left in the dark".

Thirty-five properties on Bank End Close were forced to evacuate after part of the cliff collapsed into their gardens just before 5pm yesterday (November 7).

The damage caused by the collapsing quarry. Image: SWNS.

The damage caused by the collapsing quarry. Image: SWNS.

Residents have been left displaced and without information about where they will be staying, with a family of four and three couples given temporary accommodation overnight. Most residents stayed with friends and relatives after the collapse.

Evacuated residents are expected to return to their homes today to collect essential items and they will be contacted again when it is safe to return.

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But residents are now asking how such an incident was allowed to happen, and why their warnings about the safety of the quarry were not heeded.

The damage caused by the collapsing quarry. Image: SWNS.

The damage caused by the collapsing quarry. Image: SWNS.

One woman who lives on Bank End Close said: "We are up in arms, all of us are fuming.

"We moved in from the house being built in 2011. We were concerned about the quarry, and asked if they would do something about the quarry wall [to make it secure].

"The builders said it will be sorted, it's all in hand.

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"They never did. We had to contact Mansfield District Council to see if they would do anything about it and they've not been bothered.

"Now [the collapse] has happened, it's really worrying."

Although residents have not yet been given the official all-clear to return to their homes, after a broken night's sleep, many have gone back to their properties to make sure they still have a home, and to check on pets they had to leave behind.

Residents have heaped praise on the community for coming together and offering support, but have said they feel "in the dark" about what happens next.

But the council has said the issue is "hugely complex" and that its "main priority is the safety of the public".

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Hayley Barsby, council chief executive, said: “The council would like to thank residents and businesses for their patience and understanding.

"Our main priority is the safety of the public and we are working with specialist agencies to determine the best way forward and undertake any emergency works.

“The issue of Berry Hill Quarry is a hugely complex one due to the proximity of the residential area to the quarry structure.

“The council has committed resources to undertake appropriate work and a site survey has been recently carried out.

"Residents had been made aware of the council’s previous activity including drone surveys and clearing trees to allow for the surveys to take place.”

The council will issue further updates when possible.